Monday, June 15, 2009

Week 3

How was your weekend?

I did pretty good on my water challenge because we were home most of the weekend. I usually get in one Sonic drink a day but the big change is I'm drinking a lot more water at home instead of tea or cokes. I think it's making a difference.

I really do like Crystal Light. It just makes it so much easier for me to get a good water intake. I HATE that I hate water. I plan to try and get Harper on the water train and avoid cokes as long as I can. I want her to be healthier than I am.

Are there habits you are trying to form in your children that you don't have yourself???


monelle said...

I have one diet coke after my one cup of coffee in the morning. The rest of the day is sprite zero or rasberry lemonade crystal light. I make crystal light by the gallon so it is ready when I am. I guess 2 caffine drinks a day isn't so bad - right? My friend drinks a 24 pack of diet cokes a day! LOL

Courtney said...

I am commited to this Crystal Light switch. I agree it makes it much easier to get in my water intake. I was drinking 6 diet pepsi's a day and now I am down to 1 maybe two. I did not do great this weekend because I was gone all weekend, but I am starting back up today. Love reading your daily progress, it keeps me motivated!

Lea Liz said...

I love reading about this challenge and I raelly need to do the same. I am addicted to Diet Coke and Sweet Tea and I really don't drink a lot of water either. So... what crystal light do you get? Is it in big pouches or what? Do you just make it in a big pitcher?

Kelly said...

I don't want my kids to eat fast food or pop or a lot of candy. I know I'm dreaming though. I will still try. :)Great job on your Crystal Light. I have liked it for a long time. I like the Raspberry Ice.

Jess :) said...

I love water! Always have, which I'm thankful for. However, I also love Crystal Light, but I've been hearing so many things about aspartame that I'm a little hesistant to drink anything with that in it...which sadly includes diet pop! Oh, what is a girl to do? I know, just about everything in this world has become bad for us, so I'm not sure how much I should believe!! Anyone care to weigh in?!? :)

MemeGRL said...

I'm totally with you--hate water, love coke. I have explained to my kids that coke has things in it (caffeine) that will not help their bodies and brains grow so it is better for grownups than kids. I won't pretend they never drink soda but it is definitely a rare treat and they mostly have milk, OJ, and water. My youngest will ask for water; my oldest just doesn't like it either. And it's hard to argue since I don't like it myself! Oh well.
And @Jess:)--I was diagnosed with brain lesions several years ago. My neurologist made it clear that we would be a really sick nation if aspartame caused brain lesions in everyone but in people like me who got them with no known reason...she suggested I avoid it if I could. It's a bummer--and of course corn syrup has its own issues! but at least not brain lesions so I do stick with regular everythings. What I miss most? Crystal Light lemon iced tea. Yum.

Jen said...

Today was a much better water day for me too. I think I drank 4 16 oz bottles. Not a big deal for some, but for me HUGE!! Like you I hate, hate, hate the taste of water.

Oh I tried the Strawberry, Orange, Bannana and I love it!

Chelsa said...

you make me feel so much better about myself. lol, everyone looks at me very strangely when i say i HATE water! ir eally just can barely stand to drink it! you got me hooked on the crystal light lemonade! now i'm down to 1 (maybe 2 on some days) pop a day. i have a diet coke first thing in the morning when i get to work so that i don't get a caffeine headache. the rest of the day is water w/ crystal light :)

my 4 year old shows no interest in pop what so ever, i'm very thankful for that!

Carlos and Jamie said...

I don't want my child to love sweets as much as I do. I would eat ice cream every night if I could. Ha! I am trying to show Payton that fruits are a good alternative. And also water. I am with you, I hate that I hate water.

Charity said...

Hey girl! I totally follow your blog all the time! You are too stinkin' cute!

Anyway, Love your water challenge. Let me tell you, after I had my first child, I did a water challenge myself. All water for one week, nothing else! I didn't really drink a lot of caffeine so it wasn't too hard for me. But the hard part was, I HATED water!! I think the week of water only (I am talking no orange juice, nothing but water) reset my taste buds or something, cause it made my crystal light taste like a dream. I stopped drinking my sprite. Only water with crystal light. Let me tell you girl, I lost 2 lbs a week...every week! It really worked for me!
Now my first is almost 4 and my youngest is 4 months old and I am trying my water challenge now too. I am nursing and it is SO hard to get the weight off without affecting milk production.
My biggest thing is I LOVE my sweet tea!! SO HARD to cut back on it!
Hang in there..Water isn't very tasty, but it really can help shed these post partum pounds!

Stephanie Hardy said...

I've had to force myself to be on the water train as well. It was easier when I was either pregnant or nursing, because there was someone else having to reap the neagative effects of my nasty soda habit. Now that there are no babies living off my intake, it's harder. BUT, I haven't had to give up Sonic!!! I get a Route 44 water with lime and it's oh, so yummy!

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