Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Day 3

So it's Day 3 of my Water Challenge

I drank an entire pitcher of Crystal Light lemonade today.
It's getting me to drink a lot more water.

I did have ONE Sonic coke. Seriously - the place makes my car automatically pull in. :-)

I love the lemonade but think I'll try a different flavor tomorrow.

I'll let you know what I think.

I'm glad tomorrow will be warm and sunny again because I have gone two days without any exercise (i.e. walks with the stroller). I can tell a difference when I don't get any activity.
And I ate a bunch of oreos today.
Breastfeeding makes me hungry. ha!

Hope ya'll did good and stayed away from those cokes today!


Jen said...

Well, I only had one Diet Coke, however I also only had one bottle of water with Crystal Light. Not so great!

Courtney said...

I had a good day, only 1 can of Diet Pepsi. Thank you for doing this, it is keeping me accountable!

Buttercup said...

I slipped today, with a caffeine free (is that a little better?) diet coke at Panera at lunch. Bad Buttercup! Tomorrow is a definite no diet coke day. Love this thread. I am really thinking about drinking healthy. Cheers to all my water drinking friends!

Elizabeth said...

I cut out Coke/Dr Pepper a while ago only to go to Diet Coke. I kept hearing how bad "diet" drinks were so I switched over to SWEET TEA! Oh how I love me some SWEET TEA! I can drink a gallon by myself in one day. I cut back to using 1 cup of sugar instead of 2 to help w/the unwanted calories. Your challenge has inspired me to stop my habit all together and start drinking more water and to walk daily..Thanks!

Sarah Joy said...

One of my favs is the raspberry lemonade Crystal Light makes. Try it! Also, I love the cherry pomegranate. So yummy!
I gave up my pop habit this past January - cold turkey, didn't have one for over 2 months, and then went through some family things and just had to have caffeine. Now I'm trying to get off it again!! I think I'll have to try this with you ... here we go, no more pop for me starting today!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,

I am a diet pepsi addict. I never had soda in my house growing up. So I didn't have it very often--going out to eat and such. Once I went away to college, I was allllll about the diet pepsi. I do love Crystal Light. My fiance and I just love it. We LOVE LOVE LOVE rasberry/lemonade to-go packets. I did make a whole pitcher of the regular lemonade and I drank the entire thing throughout the course of the day. I'm anxious to see the outcome of your challenge. Best of luck!!

Jennifer said...

In my opinion (which may not count for much), Crystal light really isn't much better than diet coke. Sure, it doesn't have the caffeine or the carbonation, but it still has the artificial sweeteners. I try to stick to plain water mostly, with only one caffeine-free diet coke or one glass of crystal light at the most each day. The easiest way to motivate yourself to drink enough water:buy one of those water bottles that holds 4 cups of water, so you know you need to drink 2 of those every day. That said, I do think it's really great that you're trying to do this. Hey, a good change is a good change! Keep up the good work :)

Anonymous said...

you said in a post a couple weeks ago that you weigh less now than you did pre-baby...i think you look great- 144 pounds is great...but i guess its how YOU feel about yourself. hope you can get to your goal weight.

Grecia said...

I tried the Peach Mango Green Tea yesterday. Not bad at all!! It also has the metabolism boost in it, which I desperately need!

Melissa said...

We LOVE Crystal Light in my house. I think my favorite flavor is pink lemonade. Regarding walking, I love walking, but I live in the country and the roads are narrow and windy so I don't feel very safe taking a walk. Many years ago (at least 6), I ran across a lady who produces in home walking videos. You might have heard of her before, her name is Leslie Sansone - and the best part is she's a Christian! I have quite a collection of her videos (yes VHS! lol) and DVD's. You can buy them at Target, Walmart, etc as well as on Each program goes by miles so you can walk whatever fits your schedule right in your living room (or in that new gym that your hubby is putting together). Can you tell I like her a lot? ;-) She's just really motivating and enjoyable to watch (at least to me). I just thought I'd post this since you were saying how it was hard to get out with Harper when the weather is bad, this way you can still get your walk in while she naps or plays.

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