Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 4

So today wasn't a GREAT day.

I mean it was a great day in the fact that Harper and I hit a bunch of my favorite stores (Wal-Mart, Target, and T J Maxx) and Harper was a perfect angel while mom looked around.

Probably an ever better day because although I enjoyed looking - I didn't buy ONE THING!
And it was a great day that we went to my favorite trail and walked for 45 minutes today in ABSOLUTELY PERFECT WEATHER!

And it was a great day in that Harper is finally on a good nap schedule and goes to bed early.

But all that on the go - meant I didn't plan well for drinking enough water. I drank Crystal Light Lemonade for lunch and for dinner and I'm drinking more tonight. But as I was on the go most of the day - I might have made a few Sonic stops.

But hey - I'm trying. And I haven't drank ANY coke at home which is a HUGE change for me.

Do ya'll drink more coke on the go, at work or at home??? I used to drink coke after coke at my desk when I worked so being home has probably been a step in the right direction as far as that goes.


Kimberly said...

I've always been a water girl. In fact the only time I drink a coke is at a restaurant when I worry the water won't taste good or it comes with a meal. I do keep cans of cherry diet dr pepper in my office but I can't drink much without heartburn so one can will usually last me 3 days.

Buttercup said...

I kept my promise to myself -- and to all of you -- today and no diet coke. Lots of water and decaf coffee and a nice iced tea at dinner. Thanks for the encouragement!

Jen said...

Well today wasn't such a great water drinking day for me either. I started off great with drinking one bottle of water with Crystal Light while at the gym. After the gym it went down hill. I NEEDED a Diet Coke, so I drank one. But then the rest of the night I didn't drink much of anything. GASP!

Maybe tomorrow will be a better water day. But hey, I had a good day other than that. So I think that should count for something.

Brooke said...

I am also nursing a 1 mo. old baby and am totally ADDICTED to McDonald's Coke (with lots of ice, please). I really need the caffeine to keep me going and I don't like coffee. Looks like you are an inspiration and I do LOVE Crystal Light (although I'd really rather have a Coke), so I am going to try this too.


Courtney said...

I was pretty good yesterday. I had one diet pepsi late in the evening, because I coudln't take it any more, I was feeling shakey and had a headache. Anyone else feeling withdraws?

Jenn said...

I have to admit that you have made me addicted to the vanilla diet cokes!

Chelsa said...

i'm totally a coke girl. we were just on a cruise this week (we're in the car on the way home, isn't technology wonderful?) lol... i love catching up on blogs and not being bored on the way home. anyway, cokes are super expensive on a cruise (2.24 per can) so i only 3 the entire week! then i read your blog and you're doing this challenge, so I'm going to try and keep it up at home too! my biggest challenge is sitting at my desk at work...

Jakesmommie said...

I had to start packing a little lunch box with an ice pack and bottles of water to keep in the car. I keep a few different flavors of CL on the go in there as well. I have noticed a huge difference! I always have a bottle on walks too!

Kathleen said...

I'm addicted to Dr. Pepper, but I try not to keep it in the house. I go through it way too fast if I have it at home. I found out that I'm a "motivated eater" though because I still make my Sonic/McDonalds runs for DP. Or CVS for DP and a chocolate snack. That baby weight is never going to be gone at this rate. I'm afraid to give up soda right now because I need the caffeine to get through the day because I'm still up all night with baby feedings.

Mama Llama said...

1--you need to get a water bottle and use the crystal lite to go packs.

2--you need to avoid all routes leading past SONIC.. you need some major detox girl! Maybe even an intervention. :)

3- you need to check out my blog post to read all about MY love affair with crystal lite!

Keep up the good drinking!

The Albrecht Family said...

Hey Kelly!
I'm addicted to Diet Mountain Dew! I drink lots of water, but I drink soday everyday. Yikes, I can't believe I admitted it. It feels good though. Like you, I'm trying to loose weight. I'm 139lbs now, but would like to get down to 130, but I would take 135. It's hard! I like food! I'm going to try the Crystal light challenge. Good Luck! Heather a.k.a. Nicu nurse from Indian

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