Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Week 3 Day 2

Well - here at our house - I am undergoing all kinds of changes.

I amtrying to leave coke behind and drink more water (which I have to admit - I think it's easier being a SAHM than it would have been if I was still working. I can keep a pitcher full of Crystal light and just drink all day where it would have been harder to do at work. Although in that case - I would use the kind you mix up in bottles more instead).

And now I found out my baby Harper has food allergies - fish, eggs and peanuts. So I'm on a 3 week "diet" from those food groups to see how it affects her. I've looked at a lot of food labels in the last day and never realized that on most products at the bottom they will mark in all caps - Allergy alerts and list what the main allergy concerns are ......milk, soy, peanuts, etc. That sure is nice of food companies. ha!

Since that is cutting in on my "sweets" attack every day...........hopefully that is going to help me finish off my weight loss. I haven't weighed in a few days so I'll be interested to see. (I just realized I haven't weighed and I'm wondering why - I'm normally an every day/twice a day weigh in kind of girl).

Anyway .......change is good, right?


Bethany said...

so sorry to hear that Harper has those allergies! Is there any chance that she will grow out of them? At least like you said it might help with the rest of your weight loss :) I recently found out I'm allergic to chocolate and I'm hoping that will help to boost my own weight loss!! I am getting ready to try the Crystal Light challenge. I drank the last of the diet soda in my house today so it's ON tomorrow!!

Cupcake Mama said...

This might help yo if you get in a slump....try each time you WANT a Coke but drink crystal light or water instead, put the cost of the coke in a jar...pretty soon you will have enough for a little treat - hopefully the non-edible kind though...wouldn't want to ruin your hard work!
I read this on another blog regarding ironing her husband's shirts at home instead of sending them to the cleaners.

Stephanie Hardy said...

My daughter was diagnosed with egg and milk protein allergies as soon as I quit nursing when she was 1. I had never worked so hard at buying groceries and spent so much time reading labels. It's maddening! But, I can tell you that it gets much easier and becomes second nature!

spewdfree said...


My son is 2 1/2 and has had multiple, severe food allergies for his entire life. I started a website www.spewdfree.com to help others who have food allergies. SPEWD Free has lots of recipes (all which are free of eggs and peanuts and most of them free of fish), a blog and more. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you out.


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