Friday, June 26, 2009

The End

I'm not at the end of my trying to drink more water journey (more like at the beginning of it) but I'm at the end of writing about it.

I think it went pretty well and I still have to work on it. I would be lying if I said I didn't crave coke daily - so I do have at least one a day. But that's a big step from where I was.

Let's hear some final thoughts from you - will you keep it up? Will you drink more water this summer (if you live in the south - or I guess anywhere - and are having 100 degree days like I am - you probably REALLY will!)

Good luck and thanks for coming along with me!!!!


Bethany said...

I've been inspired :) It's been officially 72 hours since my last diet soda and I've been drinking LOTS of water and crystal light! I'm going to see how long I can go without diet pepsi because I am definitely an addict and I need to take a major break from it. I don't really expect to never drink it again, but I just want to show myself that I can do without it. If I do drink it again, I think what I'll do is only allow myself to drink a diet soda after I've had 6-8 glasses of water or crystal light. Thanks for the inspiration!

Courtney said...

I am going to continue. I am with you, in the fact that I still have to have 1 soda a day, but that is a major improvement. Thanks for helping me along this journey. CHEERS!

Jennifer said...

This seemed to go by so FAST! I do hope you and I can keep it up!

Chelsa said...

I too am still having one soda a day, but that is wayyy better than before! I am going to try to keep this up!!

Lauri said...

Well, braking free from Coke has been really hard, especially Coke Icees. But, having been diagnosed with GERD and IBS, I had no choice. Man do I miss them...

Julia said...

I didn't do the Crystal Light challenge, but I just wanted to encourage you. When Hayden and I got married he drank about 7 Dr. Thunders a day...I switched him first to sweet tea, then to unsweet tea with Sweet N Low in it, then to unsweet DECAF tea with Sweet N Low in it. Now, it's like a routine for him, and he has about 7 Dr. Thunders in a YEAR!
I love Caffeine Free Diet Coke, but I have a rule, I ONLY get it when I eat at Chick Fil A. Otherwise I get water everywhere I eat out, and I always carry a bottle of water with me...and does Hayden!
Plus, there are so many cute types of bottles you can buy now...I may just have to get you a personalized one...but i can only be for water...haha!
Oh, and I always leave a bottle of water next to my rocker in Asher's room and as soon as I finish nursing him I take 8 swigs...which I think equals 8 ounces. It's really refreshing to get that after he's just sucked a bunch of liquid from my body!

Good luck Kelly!!!

Kristine McKowen said...

I still need at least 1 diet coke with lime a day.

On the other hand SONIC has finally opened in NJ about 20 minutes from me. Here I come Diet Cherry Limeade!

SLM said...

I stopped drinking soda in any form (except Ginger Ale) when I found out I was pregnant three months ago. Cold turkey. God must have been watching out for me because I avoided the caffeine withdrawal headache! Now I drink about a gallon of water a day (doctor's orders). Occasionally I will add a Propel pack to a glass of water, especially if morning sickness is really bad.

I thought I would only want Coke after the baby came, but one day last week I had a migraine and sent my husband out to get me a Regular (I usually drink Coke Zero) Coke with caffeine to see if it would help. Three ounces in and I was dying. It tasted so gross.

All that to say, the best way for me to give up soda in any form has been to go cold turkey.

Good luck!

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