Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Week 3 Day 3

Well - I'm almost through 3 whole weeks of drinking Crystal Light and I have to say it's a change I'll probably stick with.

Today I didn't feel so well. I rarely get sick if ever. But I think all my nights of not much sleep have caught up with me. I didn't have any juice at home but I had a pitcher of lemonade ready to go and I'm glad. Somehow I think drinking that made me feel better than if I'd reached immediately for diet coke.

I'm also down 2 pounds so hopefully it's making a difference. Yep - I think this is one habit worth sticking with.


Courtney said...

Congrats on 2 pounds down. Hope you are feeling better. I agree, I think this is something I can stick with!

Jennifer said...

YAY that's so exciting that you lost two pounds. I'm really jealous.

Chelsa said...

congratulations on the 2 lbs! hope you are feeling better soon!!

Kubin's said...

Good for you! I've heard and read, you are suppose to drink either 64 oz or half your weight in oz of water a day. I drink water ALL day long. So much, I think I'll float away one day. I'm a breastfeeding mom too, so it's very good for the milk supply.
Keep up the good work!! Hope you get to feeling your self soon.
Ennis TX

Lynsie said...

Awesome on 2 pounds. I painted the outside of our house, am waiting tables, nursing and only drinking water (and morning cup of coffee/ tea) and STILL cant loose the last 8 lbs!!!

Sarah said...
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Stacey said...

I joined the Crystal Lite Challenge! I have a 2 year little boy, Taylor Joe. I have lost all of my baby weight but have slowly gained it all back. I am at the same weight I was when I was 9 months pregnant. I also have learned that I have thyroid problems. Which is a horrible thing I have too say. Enough about that I am off to grab another bottle of water:) Have a great day!

Katie said...

I'm so glad this challenge is working so well for you!

Just wanted to leave you a little comment and tell you that I tried the Pomegranite flavor this past weekend and it is delicious!

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