Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lisa Whelchel's Book "Friendship for Grown Ups"

I am SO excited to have FIVE copies of Lisa Whelchel's new book "Friendship for Grown-ups" to give away! I will draw winners on Friday night!

Finding and keeping friends as an adult can be a challenge and I think is a great guide book! Lisa is a wonderful Christian author and speaker! You will be blessed by this book I know!

And if you don't win - you can find it in most local bookstores as well as on-line!

Also - I am getting the chance to interview Lisa on Thursday morning so I'd love for you to come to my regular blog and leave me questions you would love to hear answered!

Just leave a comment on this post and let me know you'd like to win!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Winners of the Sheila Walsh Book

The winners for the Sheila Walsh book are:
45 Lindsey at thirtycanwait.blogspot.com
57 Katy at lifeasmrswright.blogspot.com
123 Catherine - no info - PLEASE contact me
146 - Lina at myheartmeetyours.blogspot.com
175 -Chantal at justmehopingformore.blogspot.com

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Beautiful Things Happen When A Woman Trusts God

I've heard blogger comments are messed up today so if you can't leave a comment - come back later this week and do it!

Sheila Walsh is an amazing Christian author and speaker and she has recently written this book. This kind of sums it up for me:

Do you ever question God's ability to catch you when you fall?

Do shame, fear, and brokenness keep you from fully trusting God?

Do you secretly believe your dreams are unreachable?

You are not alone.

Beautiful Things Happen When a Woman Trusts God is all about trust. How we fight it. How we learn to do it. How it transforms us.

Life is not safe. That reality slips over us as we grow. Our response to the Father in that reality allows us either to swing higher and higher with the trust of a child . . . or fearfully shrink back from the swing set altogether.

As we weigh that choice, God whispers: Trust me.

In a remarkably transparent account, author and speaker Shelia Walsh opens wide her lifelong battle with trust and the moment-by-moment choices she made to follow where God led.

Shelia has lived a life ruled by "hidden places" of insecurity and brokenness and knows the overwhelming beauty of a life wholly handed over to Christ. As you encounter her struggles and triumphs, you also meet ten of the Bible's transformed-Tabitha, David, Paul, and others-who teach us that in spite of overwhelming circumstances, just one trusting encounter with Christ sets beautiful things in motion.

It can resurrect dreams, instill purpose, and ignite hope.

Discover what beautiful things can happen when you trust God.

I'm giving away FIVE copies of this book and I will draw winners on Friday afternoon. Just leave me a comment and let me know you'd like to win.

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