Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Avent Bottles

This is a compensated post from BlogHer and Avent

Calling all MOMS:

What kind of bottles do you use?

I came home from the NICU with these little bottles they provided while I was pumping all the time and that is what I have used ever since (only I rarely pump because I rarely leave Harper) so we just don't use bottles.
But the time is coming soon when I may want to use bottles and I want a good kind because Harper does not like bottles and I want her to begin to like it.

I recently got an 11 oz Avent PES bottle and I really like it. I like the size, shape and the fact that it helps reduce colic and goes well with breast feeding. My friends who use Avent highly recommend it and I'm thinking we will be trying these bottles very soon as we transition into solids and adding formula. It also helps that it is BPA free.

What do you look for in a bottle and which kind do you like best? Have you tried Avent and what did you think?

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